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While you can purchase or lease our "off the shelf" e-learning applications, we much prefer working with you to provide applications tailored to meet your specific needs. You'll benefit from our long experience in actually teaching students through e-learning supported systems.

Our main e-learning applications are:

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ProLearn is our flagship e-learning/e-extension course management system. If ProLearn doesn't meet all your needs, we will adapt it to meet them.
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Originally developed for tertiary level courses, Ramosus is a unique authoring and web management tool for creating and delivering dynamic, interactive case studies. It has been specifically developed for scenario- and problem-based learning approaches.
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Quantify! is a framework for generating unique quantitatively-based assignments and their solutions in real time.


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HortInfo is an information and education resource supporting the development, communication and application of sustainable fruit production practice in New Zealand.


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